Analysis of "the other"

"The Other" is often seen as a threat, and is therefore mistreated. However, the individual or group is usually only misunderstood by their aggressors. "The Other" endures pain and is separated from the larger group, alienated from society. "The Other" is demonized and therefore pain is inflicted upon them by opposing groups.

What can be seen is a monstrosity which consumes humans, while slightly resembling a face. This monster symbolizes the perception of "The Other" from the "normal" point of view.
This painting also represents fear of an enemy, and can also portray corruption of an individual due to violence and war.
This sculpture is shown to be in extreme pain, and is slightly disfigured from injury. This represents the amount of suffering "The Other" may experience, due to discrimination or violence.
This U.S. propaganda shows the separation of individuals based off of social standards. Although it was during war, the U.S. alienated Germany, therefore Germany was the Other.
Propaganda such as this serves to create an enemy, therefore adding to the concept of "The Other". A specific group of individuals are targeted to rally the opposing peoples to fight against terror.
The lighting in this painting strengthens the theme of sadness, adding to the idea that pain is not only physical and can be emotional.
The woman is behind a curtain or barrier, and is crying as well. This portrays the sadness that comes with both race and gender inequality. The woman's cultural background may cause pain as well.
The title of this image relates to both Malcolm X and the Other. Poverty separates individuals from society similar to when Malcolm used and sold drugs in the city for money when he was young.
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