movement making the first move.

This gallery is all about movement and love. When we look at these art pieces we are questioned with “do the movements in this piece show passion?”

In my gallery I was able to put together pieces of art that show movement well and still capture passion to show viewers. Weather the moment is right for the scene or not is up for the viewer to decipher.  

When we look at this we see that they are motion of dance. Their movements capture the passion and love that they have for dancing. Their movement is so subtle and sweet that you feel their emotions.
By the title of this piece we know it is about passion. It is the wind god in motion. You can depict from his expression that he is uneasy with feeling. You can sweet the colors it does show calm and anger.
We see so much passion in this picture that we know the artist is speaking through this image saying he loved music so much he would go to great lengths for it. Or even be playing till the day he dies
We see this and we know that all of the movement shows their sadness for this general who has just died. Fro them wearing on the floor to them running to show concern, this image says everything about our theme.
We see through these images the motion of love through the motion of war. This is a battle full of honor and pride which shows all the passion coming forth.
The motion shows this plane shows it is ready to leave, but the design on it shows all the passion. Just the title says it all.
This piece is in the motion of rain falling. If you look closely you will see images of love in the rain drops. Hence the name "love shower"
When we look at this, it is a wheel of passion shown through colors. All the images from the angels in motion to the flowers blooming is show the motion of whatever passion it is representing.
In this picture we see a horse rider in the motion of passion. we can guess he is running on a mission of love or sorrow from the expression on his face.
In this picture it is angels taking columns to help God. It shows their love and passion, at the same time they are moving rapidly towards this goal.
Credits: All media
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