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Made by Sarah Rasmussen

I selected this artwork because I think it's a nice painting by Claude Lorrain. I wonder why the man in the bottom middle is doing to the animals. Is he Hitting them? Maybe. I think he is trying to tell the viewer how the life in Rome was like in the old days.
I chose this painting by Dario de Regoyos y Valdés because it reminds me of Denmark with the house's roofs, which are also red and triangular. I wonder what the front woman on the street is holding? I actually don't know what the painter is trying to say to the viewer
I chose this painting because I think the volcano, sky and trees matches. What are the people in the front are doing? The artist is probably trying to tell the viewer that the volcaono, sky and trees match.
I chose this painting by Edward Mitchell Bannister because i like the nature with the sea and trees. I don't know what the painting is made of. What's it made of? He made try to tell the viewer that nature is relaxing and beautiful.
I chose this painting by Thomas Cole because i think it's kind of mysterious with the door with lights coming out. I wonder what is in the door/ cave? He is probably telling that it's an interesting painting.
I chose this picture by Albert Bierstadt because i think it's beautiful with all the mountains in the back, the animals at the front and the trees. I wonder how the artist made this painting, i mean it's really nice! He is trying to show that mountains are pretty.
I chose this painting by Hans Thoma because it's different from the other paintings. It's sad to me because the girls are sitting in the grass and there's going to come a storm. I wonder why the girls are sitting if the weather is bad. I don't know what Hans is trying to say to the viewer.
I chose this picture because i learned about Anna Ancher in my Danish online. This is the entrance to Anna and her husband's garden or house. Why would she paint her own entrance? She is probably showing how she is living
I chose this painting by P.S. Krøyer because it reminds me of my Danish online as well. I think the person who is being burned is witch, that's a tradition in Denmark. WHo made up that tradition? I don't know what he's trying to say to the viewer.
I chose this painting because it looks like my old house in Denmark, which we sold last year. Some things might be a bit different but it looks alike. Why did she choose to do this painting? She's showing that the house is pretty and that it is maybe summer?
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