Art of the Color Blue: peaceful, calm, and relaxing

The piece of work is looking at you and your not looking at it.
The light hitting the top of the glass is pure beauty.
The blue swirl fading into grey is symbolic to changes in life.
The blending of the blue colors put my mind at ease.
This piece gives off a very serene atmosphere.
I chose this piece from the great detailed figures on the vase.
I really enjoy the blue spiral handle, it gives me a relaxed feeling on the inside.
This is called blue space, it represents the universe as a whole, the blue color gives a calm understanding of everything.
Blue Dream gives me a peaceful vision of my dreams.
Eye of blue light makes me feel like I am looking through a dark forrest but can see the light at the end.
The most relaxing moments in life can be achieved by the feeling of the ocean.
A chair on a stick is symbolic to our intelligence always extending upwards. The blue waves in the background give me a sense of reassurance of the future of mankind.
Their is nothing more relaxing and calm then stargazing under a night sky.
I added this to the museum to show how blue can be displayed in a futuristic sense.
A blue cube shows relaxing intelligence.
The blue cap gives a sense of a calmness over the emotion of the portrait.
Credits: All media
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