The End of the Heroic Age

In days long forgotten, legends of heroes, gods, and deities were indelibly ingrained into the cultures that created them. In our day, we don't have heroes and epic stories of heroism to tell our children and their children. Lets take a look at some of the great legends that now lay only in mythology.

Tor, also known as Thor), wields his mighty hammer Mjolnir in defense against an army of giants. I'm sure we have all heard of Thor in pop-culture. Not many have read of his many great adventures.
Though heroes were mostly known for their actions and deeds, many artists mat have chosen to show a hero at rest. After all, they can't spend all their time fighting. Even gods have to take a break sometime.
Not all legends were bout the good guys thought. Here is a statue of the trickster-god, Loki. Known for tricking others with his lies, or even shape-shifting to truly pull off a ruse, Loki couldn't help himself for getting up to no good.
Not all heroic tales come from ancient mythology. Here is a painting based off a story from the Bible. Here is David, after his fight with the giant, Goliath. Though, every story is open to an artist's interpretation.
Sometimes the gods of different pantheons converge or meet for celebrations. Here, we see marine gods from different cultures coming together for a single purpose: to thank Love herself.
Many gods or heroes of a pantheon were often related. The greek and roman gods especially were consisting of mostly family members, with heroes they created through affairs with mortals, like Herakles.
Here I wanted to show that gods of different pantheons really don't always get along. Having different perspectives or beliefs themselves, many times they have gone to war with each other, usually resulting in great storms and loss of mortal lives.
Many gods lived through a hierarchical society, meaning some gods were greater, or more respected than others. Like the difference between a king and a duke.
Gods represented different elements, or even items or beliefs. Anubis was god of the afterlife, while Horus was god of the sun. Each god would be prayed to in different ways and with different ways, such as gold or even food.
Here is a Japanese god-warrior of the wind, who would come to earth from his heavenly perch, to fight wars alongside mortals, if he had deemed them worthy of victory and their cause righteous.
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