Color Schemes

Cool Colors- The painting exhibits colors such as blue, purple, and some light green shades. It creates a very mellow feeling, cool but also sad/depressing.
Triadic Colors- Although there are many other colors included in the painting, there are definite appearances of red, yellow, and blue. The feeling it creates is very lively, almost electric.
Warm Colors, The painting exhibits reds, yellows, and oranges which provide a warm feeling, like crawling into blankets at night. It feels very close.
Analogous Colors, The art piece exhibits colors next to each other on the color wheel, which create of feeling of unity throughout the painting, it comes together.
Monochromatic Colors, The art piece includes brown with other similar shades of brown, it makes the piece stick out, although the colors are the same, the contrast of the lighter and darker colors and their values makes the piece pop.
Complimentary Pairs, the painting exhibits the complimentary pair of blue and orange, the feeling of the piece is that the extreme difference actually makes the colors look very good together, giving a feeling of almost perfection.
Credits: All media
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