The Han Dynasty

The Han dynasty was truly a Golden Age. It also showed strong examples of cultural diffusion

This jar shows that the Han were a Golden age, because it gives an example of their ceramic skills. It shows the true skill of the Hans through the intricate geometric shapes and mythical animals created on the jar.
This shows that the Han were a Golden Age, because it shows their skillful jade work. Not only does it show how they can carve jade, but that they had the natural resources to do this.
This is an example of the Han being a Golden Age, because it shows that they were advanced enough to have medicine. This is concluded, because there would be no need for a grinding item, if they didn't need to grind anything. Also, it is made out of bronze and iron, showing skilled metal working
This box is an example of cultural diffusion, because it shows the transport of goods. Archeologists believe that this was shipped to China and after it was shipped, craftsmen welded buttons on the lid and added a foot ring
These golden plates represent cultural diffusion, because it was inspired by the culture of nomadic tribes. The gold plates are adorned with patterns of goats with sharp horns
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