Animal Compositions

All these compositions are centered around an animal or a rider of an animal.

Here we have a swan ready for a fight. It stands squarely in the middle, dominating the painting. The whole composition is set so your eyes are only drawn to the swan.
In this piece of a lion eating an antelope, the lion and antelope are centered with the large forest in the back. Though large, it does not take away that the piece is all about the animals.
The main subject here is the tiger. It takes up most of the piece and the viewer's eye rarely leave the view of the tiger.
While this piece has many animals and a few humans, the center of this piece is right on the horse, because of this, the first thing the viewer looks at when they see the painting, is the horse.
As the many pictures before it, the animals are at center, the floppy eared dog is the animal sitting centered stage for this one.
In this very dark picture of a hound and deer going down the river of a mountain. The light casted shows that they are the main part of the piece and are to be looked at.
This lovely parrot here has puffed itself out almost begging to be the center of this composition.
Here we have a heron just starting to fly a bit away from the center of the composition but still very much the main point of it.
Here we have an emotional scene of a sheep crying over the lost of it's child with ravens ready to fest on it when ready. The sheep stands in the center with the birds making a circle around it.
The horse is in the center like the rest, with some quite dynamic movements.
The humans are casted away to the sides for this picture as a noble bull takes center stage, almost seeming to be talking to the lion next to him.
The horse trots in the middle of this artwork. There is not much action, or things to look at but the horse.
This piece is a little off from the others as the main part of it is Bonaparte who rides on a fine white stallion. while he may be the main part of the piece the horse still stands as a powerful figure of an even more powerful man.
Here we have a lone zebra in the center, A large forest around it, but it doesn't take a single thing away from the zebra.
The last picture here shows a lion, once again eating an animal it has hunted down. Like all the other pictures before it, even with it's huge and lovely landscape, the animals center this piece. The lion in this piece shows that even in the most lovely of areas acts like this are committed.
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