Design Principle - Emphasis

Emphasis on the table due to the intensity of the color on this section
Emphasis is created on the man in the contrasting saturation of colors
Emphasis on the people due to both the monochrome color and the creation of motion in the piece by showing people in different places.
Contrast on the shape and intensity of the building aginst the sky creates emphasis on the building.
The unique lines the form this building create extreme emphasis on its presence.
The lack of intense colors help emphasize the people, as they are dressed in white.
Contrary to the previous piece, there are many intense colors in this piece.  However, all the colors in the background are  analogous.  This helps emphasize the people in yellow in the foreground as this color creates contrast
The contrast in this image crete emphasis on the foreground.
The varying volumes that the black and the blue space take up create emphasis on the black space.
Emphasis is created on the two signs in this image as they extremely contrast the enviroment in which they are placed.
Credits: All media
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