Simple lines used creatively

This painting stuck out the most to me first. You can hardly see the lines in this picture but they are there and the lightness of them feel worm.
This painting holds only lines to create there image and to me it seems vary appealing and is my hole gallery in one image.
The lines of this painting are thick and make a beautiful land scape that seems like it only takes a few movements to make.
The lines that go down this painting are out of place and make a complex picture more appealing and simple.
The lines of this picture are used to shape the mountain and are simple and messy in a very nice way.
The lines of this picture are very light and blend nicely withe the core color of the screen.
this illustration is captivating and work ever more so with the writing on the other side.
Lines here are used to crated a part of a tree and the winding and budding there depicting a complicating shape in a simple way.
The lines used to make the shapes around each picture is what brings the hole image to a more simple outlook.
The lines here are used in the same way as the other pictures in this gallery but they are thick and far simpler.
The lines are faint and so is the image in a hole.
This image is not accurate human proportion or use many lines but the combination is simple an pleasing to the eye.
The proportion of the lines are faded and are used greatly for shading.
The lines are different colors in this picture and make the image pop.
The lines used in this image are different colors and are used to make patterns on the kimonos.
Credits: All media
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