Color Gallery 

This is secondary because the orange and green shades. I see little tents of yellow at the bottom.
This could be analogous because the dark shades of red, blue, yellow and green.
This is warm colors because the it uses red,orange, and yellow. It also has more colors but these are the most dominate ones in this painting.
This is Primary Triadic because in this piece of artwork you can see the the red and blue. Primary Triadic colors are yellow, red, and blue which is shown in this piece of artwork.
This could be secondary colors but, I see more tertiary colors because of the brown sheds and the little flowers coming down the side are green and the cool color of blue on the sky.
This would be complimentary because the blues on the wall and the orange on the bed. There's more colors but these two colors are the most dominate.
This complimentary colors because it using all of the colors and they are really dark which makes the painting stand out more.
This is complimentary because it shows blue, orange, and green. I see tents of a light green on his face.
This is secondary because it has tents of green outlines, orange, and brown.
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