Art Inspired By Death

Throughout history artist have used death as inspiration or motivation to make art.  This art was made for many different purposes depending on the culture of said artist and locations.  These pieces depending on location were made for the deceased and only the deceased, placed in the tombs so they were not meant to be embraced by the public.  The art could also give the deceased a “new body” so when they go into the afterlife they will be given a place to inhabit. Some art was made to help or comfort the dead in the afterlife.  No matter what purpose the art was meant to have for the deceased the fact that death inspired these pieces of art is all that matters.  Every culture has their own unique way of dealing with death.  They are very different from one another and the art work that is made as a result of death vary also in significance, size, medium, purpose the list goes on.    

Credits: All media
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