The Worlds flying creatures

The worlds flying creatures… the theme of the exhibition is about the birds of today, this exhibition gathers all the different types of birds and brings them together into the same gallery. Showing us the different shapes, tones, colours, size and techniques used in all the similar bird artworks. ‘The worlds flying creatures’ title was chosen because I believed it described the artworks in the gallery. I chose this theme because of the love I have for birds, so I expressed this in my gallery. They are all very similar in a way, with the texture, colours and techniques that have being used.

All the artworks contrast together, because they all use the same types of colours – green, brown and light shades of red. These artworks also relate to each other by the texture in the art works, the smooth simulated texture created on the birds feathers and inner chest. The techniques are all very similar in each artwork, on the way the artist has drawn the bird and colours that have being put on the bird. Also the composition of each artwork chosen is similar and related because the birds are all in the centre and the first thing you see on the painted artwork is the birds. The artworks are related because they all have something to do with creation and the nature of this world, and are a big impact on the living world today. They also contrast because they all use the following frames – subjective, structural, postmodern and cultural in different ways the artist creates the art.

Structural Frame. Texture - Use of paint splatter technique on the leaves. Pattern - The lines, shapes and colours have worked together to create a pattern, the splattered green texture has being used several times. Composition - The artist has organised his work well, composing his artwork using a combination of texture, colour, pattern and more.
Audio Guide 2 SCRIPT: The artwork ‘painting of a bird’ by an unknown artist is a different artwork to your typical artwork. The bird is the only painted feature, the background is just a thin delicate pencil line. The use of colours on the bird has made the bird stand out; the colours are green, blue and an orange/brownish. All these colours have being blended together to make the bird look more realistic. The texture that has being created on the wing is simulated as it gives us an illusion look towards it and looks real. The tree branch that the bird is leaning on has a blunt pencil drawn line whereas the flower above is bolder. The eye catching feature in this artwork is the bird but the background being less colourful and less stand out, whereas the bird seems to be the more important feature in this artwork.
Subjective Frame. Expressive - Revealing the artists inner emotions - He Sen. With the different showing of day light and night light. The strokes allocate emotional feeling. Imagination - The artist has being creative with the way she has shown this artwork, with the square of night time and the surrounding areas in daylight. Reflective - This artwork is reflective because we reflect on the message that is being conveyed through the artwork.
Cultural Frame. Cultural - Being from a specific culture (China). Identity - The identification of this artwork, we can tell it is from the china region due to the elegant colours being used and the flowers (magnolias). Society - A community in a country or region, in this case it is china, and they are expressing their work through art.
Audio Guide 1 SCRIPT: The artwork “White peacock” by Chano Shao-an is a vertical view and the landscape around that has being painted is very realistic, this effect can engage the viewer very quickly. The material used for this artwork was paint, stroking the colours of yellow, white, black and grey onto the artwork. The artwork shows the tone of the light and dark shades used, such as for the bird… the bottom half of the wing is a grey showing the darker shade whereas the head is a lighter shade – white. The lines drawn on the bird in this artwork are straight thin, delicate black lines. The overall artwork shows simulated texture as it is giving us an illusion aspect on the artwork. Chano Shao-an has made the wing of the bird the eye catching part in this artwork, the art around the bird is what we see secondly. The artwork gives us a meaning, we see a bird in the tree which looks like to be in around the spring time as the tree leaves are showing stand out yellow, and are growing again.
Postmodern Frame. Mediated - Using the same image (in this case the bird) twice, but the second bird is in a different movement. Naive - Child like drawing and not your everyday art work. Moderism - Art of the twentieth century, seeking to create a new style in to this artwork.
Credits: All media
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