Artwork notable for containing the particular art element LINES.

The positioning of the small black bodies creates swirled implied lines making the painting look slightly like a maze.
the implied lines from the tree branches and the birds on the water cause your eyes to focus on the bird on the left.
Although the expression of the woman looks concerned, the vertical lines of the trees in the background and even in the chairs and her dress cause the viewer to assume she has a hidden strength.
The simple contour lines on the faces of the women create exotic beauty.
The horizontal lines in the ocean and sand depict calm an peace that the ocean usually brings
the many vertical lines surrounding the red circle add to the contrast of colors and created emphasis
The vertical lines created by the pillars in front of the house show stability and draw people in with a feeling of safety
The implied diagonal line created by the large gun on the left in conjunction with the vertical lines from the soldiers hats on the right and the pillar make the man kissing the boy the focal point.  This man is also standing on horizontal lines draw attention to the calm and peace of the kiss in the midst of what looks like a violent gathering
The lines of trees and of people walking converge and draw attention to the city in the background.
lines include water and land, land and horizon, and the bridge give direction and movement to the people walking
Credits: All media
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