11VA modernism

Late C19th- C20th modernism: the conditions, structures and ideologies of the world underwent rapid change. This caused an extended series of radical reassessments by artists of the ways they practiced. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZsQl6L9WCI

Delaunay DID see this tower. Yet he chose to use modernist conventions (not historical, realist conventions) to represent an experience and perception of his world. What modern visual conventions did he employ? What perceptions does he make visible? Why were historical conventions not enough? ...and what is his title about?
Breughel's is an historical (pre-modern) painting of a tower, a representation of a symbol in an Old Testament narrative. It's an imagined image, an image the painter never saw with his own eyes. So, it employs the conventions of realism - but is it real? What are the historical conventions the artitst used (to make it look 'real?') What's actually unreal about the picture?
see BBC Private Life of a Masterpiece series
Photography waited until the C20th to gain recognition as 'art'
Which modernist (C2oth) visual codes and conventions are used by Gleeson in his re-invention of this C18th subject matter?
What historical painting conventions has Watteau employed in the representation of this garden party?
Streeton, Conder, Turner, Monet, Whistler each evidence particular interests and techniques of Impressionism. Identify and explain these.
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