"These are a few of my favorite things"

"When the dog bites and the bee stings, I simply remember this gallery!" (rather than seek medical attention) - Kenneth Detwyler

What I love most about the sculpture is simply the dog. To me it's always quite interesting to see Dogs represented in ancient culture. It reminds me that mans best friend served it's purpose back then, just like It does now. I would have loved to see this dog in its entirety, however time has a way of wearing away at such sculptures.
Can anyone think of anything cooler than a Human head on a winged bull or lion? The thought of it is actually making my head hurt. This work is one of great mythology. I would love to know its origin story. This perfectly crafted work has a story, and I want to know it. If only the human head could tell why its there.
The Venus of Willendorf was an artwork that I came across a few years ago. The early represnentation of woman is one that is quite profound and detailed.Today, the work is still regarded as being amazing, it has also become the subject of internet humor as well. When I came across this work in the gallery, I just had to include it!
This Tapestry is very a unique one. However its theme is subject that is well known. Tapestry is a beautiful medium. I knew that wanted to include at least one. What I love most about this is how much stuff is going on it. There is so much to study and pick apart in this piece. I consider this to be quite conversation worthy.
The girl with clasped hands was a very interesting piece. What drew me in was her captivating stare. Those eyes really pop out a person viewing. They tell a story that I want to know more about. This girl is obviously terrified of something. I think my love of this work is more of curiosity than anything.
This work is particulary interesting because it once again shows an ancient society doing things that we still enjoy today. This Greek Boxer is about to participate in a fight which is what still do today with MMA, Pro Boxing on HBO, and Wrestling. This tells that the greek people still put on fights for someone else's enjoyment. That is what interested me!
This Still life jumped out at me from the moment I saw it. I love music, so the first sight of an instrument and I went bananas. This work shows me that music was still very relevant to 17th century artist. They saw a beauty in things that create sounds and turned them into a still life painting. I particularly like this because I could totally see this in my living room.
Piggy backing after the music still life, this is another piece of music themed art that I love. Michael Jackson is my favorite musical artist, I love him dearly! When I crossed paths with this work, I was captivated. The steel material used to create this work is just so beautiful. The craftsmanship of this work is the perfect testament to the perfection that is Michael Jackson. I think this might be one of my favorite works in the gallery.
The treasure room fresco, is one that is amazing. The work is done is such a way the perspective sucks you in. I found myself getting lost inside the painting. I keep looking up at my ceiling to imagine this work above me. The real treasure of this magnificent piece is certainly the fresco itself.
To me this is the perfect finally to a great gallery. I know this might to be a easy or basic work to pick, but this is truly some of my favorite architecture. The pyramids were almost perfectly engineered structures and I respect that. This is the piece of art I most want to see in person. The Great Pyramids and the Sphinx are the subject of so much study and history, that they have become iconic. They are synonymous with Ancient Egypt. This work is just simply phenomenal.
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