Aspects of renaissance art

                                     Jazmin Galvez                                                                    Giselle Escobedo                                                                    Zoe Chavez                                                                                                                                  

In renaissance art, realism was very important. Here you see a realistic sketch of human anatomy.
In this painting, you see a reflection in the water as if it was real. Also the birds feathers and the men's muscles are very detailed
This picture is an excellent example of the realism used in renaissance art. You are able to see great details in the face of the man drawn in this picture.
The scenery in the background of this painting is very realistic. The castle and clouds are especially true to life. The colors are very vibrant and this almost seems as if it was a photo taken.
In this piece of art you can see all the details in the arms. All though it is very simplistic it is very realistic. You can see every muscle in the arm.
In this painting the women's clothes look very realistic. It seems as if her scarves are rippling and flowing. The way her hair curls is realistic as well.
The stomach muscles are sculpted extremely well. The statue looks as if it can come alive and start to move at any minute.
The horse is the very realistic aspect of this painting, because of the muscles and the way his hair flows.
The beard on this sculpture is very realistic. The way it curls and flows like a real man's beard would.
The way the Pope's clothes were drawn and the texture look's so real. When you zoom in on this painting, you can see little details on the Pope's clothes.
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