Symmetry Through the Ages

This gallery is all about the beauty of symmetry, and works of art that greatly demonstrate it.

A rotating piece of art that is consistently symmetrical no matter how you spin it.
It is like an almost fortress symmetry, its perfect.y designed. 
A vase that show that nature has as consistent of a pattern as the vase itself.
A human of symmetry, with the power of royalty to add to his God-ness.
Strange yet charming, the body and purposeful math of a labyrinth.
A shield like design, it is intentionally symmetrical. 
Power being displayed, with a uniform structure to give it a more official presence. 
A creature that has the equal proportions of a human, possibly a monkey. 
A perfect human form complimented by a perfect set of clothing and jewelry.  
Terrifying a powerful, a carefully constructed pendulum of death hanging from the monsters face. 
A mythological pendant showing how even the Gods valued symmetry. 
An incredibly exaggerated level of human symmetry, its what we all strive for. 
The Egyptians new that a king must be given a flawless burial, which starts with a flawless coffin.
A different kind of symmetry, its like a perfect globe.
The original bathroom curtain, it set the precedent of showering in a symmetrical embrace. 
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