Functionally Modern

This is a collection based upon modern referenced to items that are functional yet oddly misplaced in the art world. This collection seeks to bring those oddities together in order to find functional modernism regardless of the original intent.

A modern way to simply take brass and turn it into a traditional candle stick holder. This is a true judaic tradition that generations continue to practice, including myself.
This sculpture to me captures the modernity of the roman era. It also forces the audience to envision what the horse may have looked like should the abstract bust of him not been made.
This captures the idea of the collection seen."FUNCTIONALLY MODERN" The great part about this piece of art is the simplicity of the litter but has such a bold useless statement that it begs the audience to appreciate the simplicity of it all.
Again, this captures "FUNCTIONALLY MODERN". The art of this piece is the fact that the blankets contrast on such a cold looking surface while they probably are warm fleece sheets that would shelter and keep people from the cold.
The act of naming the piece "This is not a pipe" was a pure example of artist that want to re-define the boundaries and meanings of modern art today.
The beautiful lines that help create the structure caught my eye and gives a functionally modern feel to the piece.
the usage of directional lines with vertical and horizontal cross points and focal points give this piece a great modern world feel.
I figured this piece would be great to end the collection on. Ai WeiWei is an amazing influential artist of his time. The fact that he uses art as a way to rebel against the government is a pure modern function of everyday citizens in many countries. The fact that his middle finger points to a technological capital of the world makes this image even more powerful.
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