organic this picture look more organic but you can tell that the way it was painted when you look closely y to the picture.
chiaroscuro one side of the boy face is light and one said is dark. Looking at his jacket is the same one one light and one side dark.
scale its describing the dimensions in he art object relation to the original object. showing three boats oncoming to some ways.
proportion looking at this photo in this you could tell its proportion .
actual this picture is physically presented and every thing realistic.
radial everything in this picture looking like its moving towards the middle.
hatching/ cross hatching . looking at the riddles in the lake looks hatching , but i barely tell because the picture so small.
abstract looking at the you can what the buildings are , but the bushes doesn't look realistic .
variety looking at the colors on the picture looks variety with all the different colors that's bringing the picture out.
pattern the bricks in a pattern withe the colors and stripes located on the top and the bottom . The bricks on top look new and the one's on the bottom look old.
representational art showing normal objects and its recognizable . Just look at the picture and picture it in person.
complementary seeing green and red colors that complementary. the colors bringing out the picture more.
geometric just by looking at picture how is painted looks parallel. you have some lines that crossing also .
emphasis the placement of the picture is in the center which has a focal point .
non representational art don't understand what's going on in this picture so its non representational.
positive/ negative space the negative space edges and the positive space of the frame.
analogous the flowers in the picture are yellow. And one flower have some orange in it which a make a pair of colors.
asymmetrical balance the object is balance in this picture . The ends on both sides are different from one another.
unity showing the lines , shapes , and colors. the texture of the picture with the colors brings it out.
implied texture the woman skirt with the riddles from the paint brush showing its implied an d the texture also.
movement/motion the man/horse holding the rock moving toward the tiger with a large stone. The way the picture looks like a battle between the man and tigers.
symmetrical everything in this picture looking like it should relate to symmetrical just by looking at the building .
implied lines majority of the picture looks like the artist just continue to draw and never stopped. But you can tell there are some implied lines located in this photo.
monochromatic closely into the picture the artwork is the same color, but they darken the drawing so that you could tell what the picture actually was.
rhythm/ repetition looking at the pattern in this picture . the rhythm is the same .
arbitrary in this picture you see a lot of colors, but none of them are realistic. to the picture.
actual texture i really couldn't find a picture with wood, so i decided to pick this one because the bark of the tree and the leaves to.
illusion of depth the picture from a distance look like it could be some mountains with a river running between the, but if you actually pay closely attention those are people .
role of innovator creating an idea .
perceptual the colors of the fruit are perceptual to the eye of a human being .
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