You're about to get schooled, no literally (African American and woman's civil rights movement)

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The goals of the African American movement was to end racial segregation, desegregate public facilities, and equality in general
There were many influential people who were part of this movement including Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, MLK Jr.,and Andrew Goodman. They all showed leadership through hosting Boycott's to Andrew being 1 of 3 american activists.
The result wasn't total equality and it still isn't. But at that time they then could sit wherever on the bus and have interracial schools. They also then had more job opportunity's.
Their primary goal was the right to vote. They had other goals like the same pay and equality in the way to get jobs they believed only guys could do.
Some great leaders of this movement included Alice Paul, Faith Ringgold, and Julia W Howe. Some of them even stood outside of the white house through rain and snow. Pretty inspiring.
This movements results allowed women to vote by the twentieth century, attend college, enter male dominate professions, and increased salary but still not equal.
These two movements were similar because they both had super hardworking leaders for each that were dedicated to making a change maybe not for them but for there children and there children's children
These two were different because African American's were treated harsher then women and were focusing total equality for women it was more about just voting.
I believe the women's movement were more respective at achieving its goals because they almost completed all of their goals and now do have the right to vote. For African American's they wanted full equality which is harder to get.
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