Still wind - Emily giunta

This gallery consists of paintings capturing the illusion of wind in nature via movement of clouds, waves, trees, and objects. 

In this piece titled Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind, we see a mother in a shawl sitting on a rock in the snow feeding her child. In the near distance we see a dog howling, and behind him a man with his back turned walking away. There's a sense of movement with the trees swaying in the background. The texture and color of the clouds also suggest a breezy winter afternoon.
This painting is based on 19th-century America. There are four men sailing on open waters depicted in the piece. The movement and texture of the waves underneath the boat give a sense of harsh trashing in the water. The cloud shapes and shadows suggest depth and the illusion of wind.
In this piece, there's a house on a hill during Autumn. There are a lot of vibrant colors and lines. The lines for the house and the trees are very organic and rounded which gives off a calm and relaxed feeling. The way that the trees are swaying so drastically to the left suggest heavy wind coming from the right. The loud and exaggerated cloud colors and shapes gives the illusion of heavy cloud movement and wind.
In this piece, Jesus and his disciples sail across the Sea of Galilee to spread the message of Christ. Jesus then calms the storm, dramatizing the power of Christianity. The dark shades of blue and white and the geometric shapes in the clouds suggest heavy wind. Also, the brush strokes and shades of green in the water indicate harsh movement.
In this painting, we can see a harsh storm causing boats and high waves to crash against rocks in the water. The dark tinges of grey and blue in the sky create a dark and menacing tone. The shapes of the clouds suggest heavy wind, supported by the white spray of the water on the rocks.
In this piece, sailboats and fishing boats sail through the Netherlands' seas. The Dutch flag sits atop most of boats. The lines creating the sails on the ships suggest heavy winds coming from the left. The white water in the middle of the piece depict a break in the clouds, and we can see a dark heavy cloud coming in from the left.
In this piece titled Yacht Race, we see a sailing contest. The sharp straight lines work great in this painting, and demonstrate the power of the wind. There's a higher sense of aggressiveness and tension with the strict brush strokes. The gradient in the water from blue to a tinge of white suggest sunlight coming from the right.
In this painting titled Stormy Sea, Dutch sailboats sail across turbulent seas. The heavy wind is pushing the boats' sails to the right. The sharp straight lines of the masts suggest a powerful wind, and the soothing and rounded lines in the clouds suggest light movement.
Credits: All media
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