Depictions of The Other

The other can often be portrayed as malicious, or not even human. For example, the demon who appears to be whispering into Dante's ear.
In the following two images by Banksy, the Other is seen as something that stands out, like the child's drawing being boarded up by the adult, and The teddy bear facing off with riot police.
Another portrayal of the Other is to make it seem inferior, as in this piece of World War 2 propaganda that makes out Churchill to be superior to Hitler.
In this piece of art, they represent the Nazis by the shadow of a swastika looming over the innocent American children.
Its easy to define who is good and evil when talking about angels versus demons. Angels being the good, and demons being the evil side.
Another technique used is to make the Other seem small compared to the Russian captives he is threatening.
This image, Ukrainians are being encouraged to fight back against the Jewish, and uses the appearance of a fat man with some government official whispering in his ear while he sells overpriced goods.
This image represents Nazi Germany and Japan as insane, and in the case of Japan, freakish.
This image represents the Other to be a war machine that won't stop until it has trampled over Europe completely.
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