Presidential History

These are ten of the men who have run our country. As important as they are, it is no wonder that they have art depicting them in every form. Each one has made history with our country. Not just because they were presidents, but also because of the accomplishments they have achieved during their presidency.

George Washington was the United States of America's first president. This painting depicts George Washington standing while gesturing in front of a table and a chair. He is a major part of America's history.
Thomas Jefferson was the United States of America's third president. The painting depicts Thomas Jefferson sitting with one arm on a table in front of a statue of a woman.
Andrew Jackson was the United States of America's seventh president. This bust depicts Andrew Jackson shirtless and with a serious face. This piece is a replica of the 1836 original bust.
Abraham Lincoln was the United States of America's sixteenth president and also one of America's best presidents. This photo depicts Abraham Lincoln with a smile and a messed up bow tie. There also appears to be a ink mark on the photo.
Theodore Roosevelt was the United States of Americas twenty sixth president. This image depicts Theodore Roosevelt looking straight into the camera with a straight face. He is a also wearing a suit and a vest with a very fancy looking tie.
Woodrow Wilson was the United States of America's twenty eighth president. This illustration depicts Woodrow sitting in a chair. He appears to be looking at someone and having a conversation.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was the United States of America's thirty second president. This image is my favorite image. It depicts Franklin sitting with his arms on a table. It also shows different hand gestures that could possibly be used instead of the gesture he has.
Harry S. Truman was the United States of America's thirty third president. This painting depicts Harry standing with papers in his hand. In the background you can see the White House and the Washington Monument.
Dwight D. Eisenhower was the United States of America's thirty fourth president. This painting depicts Dwight sitting while wearing a military uniform. He was is holding his hat and has a coat over his arm.
Barack Obama is the United States of America's forty fourth and current president. I really like this image. It depicts Obama in red and blue with VOTE! ballets next to him in the style of pop art.
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