Color Schemes

This painting entitled Animas has a warm color scheme. It uses the colors Red, Yellow, and Orange. The mood the the paining create to me is a happy and peaceful time were it as if people are free and they can express themselves in their on way like animals.
This peace of art is a Chinese Vase that is beautifully painted the color Blue. It demonstrates the color scheme of Tints by using the color blue and adding white to get lighter tints of Blue. It makes me fell wondrous as I look at the vase and it appears almost endless and it has so many details that you really have to study it to see them all.
This painting uses the color scheme of complementary colors of blue and orange. This painting of a beautiful sunset creates a wondrous scene. It makes me feel full of wonder because between the beautiful coloring and the scene itself it make me think and wonder if I would ever see it in real life.
This dish and the way it is colored demonstrates the primary colors; red, yellow, and blue. It creates a miniature scene that makes me feel adventurous because the are so many tiny little detail that makes me want to explore them.
This painting of a blue dress creates the color scheme of shades where it takes the color blue and adds black to make it darker. It makes me wonder whats the meaning behind the dress and opens my curiosity.
This painting takes advantage of the triadic colors of red, yellow, and blue by intertwining strings by overlapping them with each other . It makes me feel how significant we are and how our lives are intertwined.
Credits: All media
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