Hand To Hand Combat

This gallery includes alluring visual contrast of ancient Greek culture and their love for combat. 

As Athena places a wreath on an athletes head, citizens of Athens have gathered to watch as she embodies the theme of this painting. The spacing and lines used, show a pyramid to the ancient Greek relationship to the Olympic games. The brilliant contrast of colors used make up the beauty that is the Olympic games and Athena.
A Greek warrior battles a man with a bull's head and a human body by stabbing the beast with his sword, two young maidens are saved from his heroism. Through intense complementary colors and harmony of the people pattern used, this vase uses strong contras to balance the theme of warriors and sacrifice.
As two Greek onlookers watch fencers fight, this beautifully designed painting uses architectural design with dark tones and soft colors show the theme for this painting. With strong lines and shapes you can clearly see this artist must have a background in architecture. With their love for hand combat and the architectural design this masterpiece shows the harmony between the two.
The vase shows a Trojan warrior against his Greek enemy in hand to hand combat. The Trojan warrior is knocking the Greek soldier to the ground as he attempts to raise his shield and protect himself. Through complementary colors and harmony patterns we can take a historical trip through this masterpiece.
As a Greek god stands on the clouds one warrior attempts to engage in combat with him. This coin, although beautiful, it does not resemble the genuine works of Dioskourides or ancient Roman gems but it's oblong shape and powerful Lines gift form to its intense theme of man and God engage in hand-to-hand combat.
As a tribute to the Greek games this painting shows Greek Olympic runners, one with the Olympic torch symbolizing the beginning of the games. This movement piece outlines white figures over black on a red figures background crowning of an athlete. After the ceremonial running with the torch the games would begin. Wrestling, boxing, and the pancratium we're just some of the brutal Games.
As two men box, outlines of onlookers watch with awe as this movement piece depicts the Hand to Hand combat theme. This beautifully designed painting uses soft colors, strong lines and architectural shapes to clearly see this artists love for their work.
If you did not know the story of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, this pottery piece would leave you scratching your head. With a violent scene this vase shows several Greek men engaging in what looks like hand-to-hand combat. The beautifully designed top uses bold shapes to lay the foundation for this dark piece.
This large bronze bowl was used as a cinerary urn used for the ashes of the deceased after cremation. A couple stance together as warriors surround them ready to pounce. The beautifully shaped earn uses strong lines and proportional spacing to design this captivating piece.
Saving the best for last, this pottery piece is of the famous games at Olympia. The reason why it is blacked out, is for the grotesque imagery on the pottery. Illustrated are, the first form of Olympic wrestling in which practically anything, including kicking or trying to strangle your opponent, was allowed. The only activities that were banned were biting and trying to gouge out your opponent's eyes. If you were able to see it, you would see an intense complementary of colors and harmony of the people in pattern used to create a strong contras to balance the theme of combat and sacrifice for the Olympic games.
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