Line Gallery

Actual lines that in my eyes show freedom and passion because they are spontaneously placed.
Directional, actual line that brings your attention to the center of the painting.
Implied line of the horizon divides the field from the sky and brings attention to bolder color of field. Also implied lines of the field help to understand the direction and size. 
Actual lines outline each part of the painting and brings your attention to the center piece. Due to the symmetry, it seems to help bring regularity to the picture. 
Communication lines, specifically the amount of diagonal lines used gives the piece a sense of drama and action about it, while also directing the eye.
These actual lines give the picture shape, but their bubbly look gives off the sense of freedom and passion.
Contour lines are used to outline the shapes and animals, but also give texture due to their varying regularity and boldness. Symmetric lines guide the eye as well.
Implied lines help to guide the eye down the hill and into the heart of the picture where the building and trees are. As the scenery gets smaller, your eyes tell you it is getting farther away and downwards.
Credits: All media
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