This is a gallery of artworks relating to the television series "Supernatural"

The skeletons of Supernatural play a major role as the are some one the main antagonists of the plot.
A way for demons to come about in Supernatural is for a vulnerable soul to allow them to be released during sleep as shown in this piece.
Flying demons like this one are a common sight to be witnessed throughout Supernatural.
The protagonists of Supernatural attempt to shut The Gates of Hell frequently throughout the show. The gates look almost identical to this sculpture.
In Supernatural, Castiel, the angel leads the revolution in heaven but is unsuccessful, as shown in this piece.
Michael plays a major role in Supernatural, as the protagonists uncover a prophecy stating that Michael will ultimately fight and defeat Lucifer in the apocalypse as depicted in this piece.
Michael, in Supernatural is also told that he will be the vessel for the main protagonist, in order to defeat Lucifer.
Gabriel in Supernatural helps the protagonists greatly in closing the gates of Hell and defeating Lucifer.
Supernatural recreates the meeting with Raphael and makes the scene almost identical to this piece.
In Supernatural. Uriel tells a tale of how he once defeated a great dragon with easy, which is brought to life in this piece.
In Supernatural, the Virgin (Mary) holds her son while watching the rebellion of the angels in heaven. This scene is captured within the painting here.
In order to defeat Lucifer in Supernatural, Michael must binding him and lock him in to hell, which is shown here in this painting.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse play a huge role in Supernatural as they battle the protagonists during the apocalypse.
When a soul is lost in Supernatural, its appearance is similar to this piece.
Adam and Eve are the ones who began the chaos which is "Supernatural"
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