Night Truths

There are a lot of things we can learn about humans in Night. Hope and faith was lost throughout the book, but what if they kept their faith and kept hoping that something good was going to happen. In the Holocaust, a lot of people lost their lives and had a lot of self doubt. With all of these hard times in the Holocaust during World War II, massive destruction and dehumanization took place. People, especially Jews were treated unfairly and they all wanted to die eventually. The artwork that you will see really portrays the different truths in the book Night especially faith. Faith plays a big role in the book Night.

A man assisted by Faith, Hope and Charity and that would be God. Having faith in God can give you hope and knowing that he is there for us will help us get through tough times like the Holocaust.
A man who is carrying a cross and is surrounded by a mother and her babies. The cross is like Gods charity. God sacrificed himself for us. Having faith in God will lead to great things like love.
This is a self-portrait by Vincent Van Gogh. His facial expression reminds me of how upset people were during the Holocaust. The Jews, however didn't show much emotion because they lost all emotions.
This image resembles the dehumanization the Jews went through in the Holocaust and the expression of self doubt and sadness. The shading of the portrait resembles darkness and the mood of the story. The mood of the story was very upsetting and the concentration camps gave the Jews self doubt.
This image shows a statue that is three times bigger than the woman in front of him. This reminds me of how much power Hitler had in Germany and eventually he lost his power and lead to corruption.
There are citizens that are moving to houses that are not occupied by wealthy people just like how the Germans had the Jews move to the concentration camps. The people who have power are probably wanting these people to move into these houses.
This picture is showing a man looking away from the hopeless who is getting ready to die. You need to have hope so you ca have a sense of relief. Him looking away from the hopeless is making him hopeless by not possibly thinking of what could happen to him.
There is a woman looking over a man who could possibly be her son. She is losing hope because her son is getting ready to die. When you lose hope, you lose faith.
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