Progression of Christian Art

Sacred art showing themes and imagery about christianity has it's roots soon as 70 AD. The famous depiction of Jesus become popular around the 6th century and has remained virtually the same ever since.

This is an ossuary; a decorative box that holds the remains of Joseph son of Caiaphas. Caiaphas was a priest who allegedly organized the plot to kill Jesus. This uses elegant markings and lines to create an overall look that implies the wealth or social standing of Joseph.
An example of early Christian art depicting jesus as a child. One thing that can be noted is the blue color of Mary and Joseph's robes. Jesus is depicted many times with the same style of blue robe throughout history. Also notice that Orange is used as a contrast to the blue.
This piece has an odd depiction, sometimes seen in christian drawings. The faces are rather dark, almost showing a sense of dread.
In this piece there are no distinguishable lines or designs around Jesus and Mary, leaving the viewer to focus on the pair. They are a rather dull family with the artist no using any vibrant colors for their clothes.
This is a very distinct piece with the thorn crown becoming a very iconic symbol in christianity. All the men in this are wearing vibrant colors except for jesus, perhaps implying the purity and of jesus and the religion.
This is an interesting piece because although it might have been originally made with one, there is no cross for this statue. The cross being one of the most iconic symbols in the religion.
And here we finally have the iconic cross. This is a symbol used by christianity for over two thousand years and is still relevant today. This painting also uses a lot more description in the depiction of jesus and the background behind him.
A stark contrast from the previous piece, the painting show much more color while also being dark and morbid. You can see a skull at the bottom of the page.
The use of lines and light in this painting leads the eyes to Jesus with him being one of the brightest individuals depicted but also with several lines running in his direction.
The artist uses an interesting choice in using light to highlight the areas of skin on both of these people. And in contrast from the last piece the attention is similar on both subjects, rather than being solely on Jesus.
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