Olive's Awesome exhibit

This is a boss ancient Egyptian art exhibit.

This papyrus has written hieroglyphs on it that were written by a scribe. It was probably written for a pharaoh or a god/goddess.
This statue is of a lady kneeling with some hyroglyphs on her front.
This Amulet is of the god Ra in his human-headed-bird stage. It was probably in a richer pearsons tomb.
This mirror was used by men and women alike. It has an intriquit design, which probably indicates a richer owner.
This canopic jar was probably in a richer pearsons tomb.
This is an ointment spoon probably used by people of the higher rankings.
This is the burial mask of King Tutankhamen (King Tut).
These statues where probably in the front of the pharaohs temple. It was probably a statue of the pharaoh or a god/goddess.
Scarabs where very highly respected in Ancient Egypt. This was probably owned by a higher ranked Egyptian.
This toilet box was probably used by the higher class like priests or pharaohs.
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