Color Scheme

This painting is an Analogous, this painting has many colors like yellow, orange, blue, and neutral colors. The Mood of this painting is fun.
This paintings color scheme is cool. Colors used in this painting are blues and greens.The painting feels like a natural feel, kinda like a welcome home feel.
This paintings scheme is Warm, it has lots of yellow's, oranges, and some reds. The mood in this painting is free.
This paint is Complementary and this paintings has blue's, tans, and dark oranges in this painting. And the mood of this painting is wild.
This painting is Triadic, the colors in this painting are oranges, reds, blues and greens. The mood of this painting is spooky.
This painting is Monochromatic, the color used in this painting is blue. The mood in this painting is sad, not only does she look sad but she is also different and tint of blues.
Credits: All media
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