L.S. Lowry

The artist I chose is L.S. Lowry, also known as Laurence Stephen Lowry. Lowry was born November first 1887 and died February 23 1976. He was born in Manchester, England and died in Glossop, Derbyshire. He was famous for his industrial landscapes. He would make his paintings and drawings during his free time when at work in a real estate company in Manchester from 1910 to 1952. He would make paintings of where he worked and nearby areas. In these pictures he would show city buildings and industrial landscapes and people doing everyday activities such as going to thier job. Around 1905 to 1925 he went to an intermediate art school in salford, England. My favorite picture that he created is called "Oldfield Road Dwellings" that shows what looks like a large apartment building with many people walking around during a cloudy day. I also like the details and how the image seems to stretch because of the perspective. Another picture I liked is called "coming from the mill which showes many people walking to and from many different buildings. I also like the color and details put into each person and structure. I chose this artist because of how much time and detail put into every work of art of different everyday scenes that many people would have not of thought to be art. Many of his pictures show gray and sad looking places in a city but others show bright and busy looking scenes with many people doing many things on a daily basis. I like the way how L.S. Lowry shows different places that all tell a different story but all have people that are living in those areas such as himself.

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