Sights Untouched - Memphis caban

This gallery consists of ten pieces composed of oil on canvas. Each one presents a scene in nature with little to no presence of man. The pieces were chosen to be made between the years 1800 and 1899. In every piece, you'll see a scene captured by each artist's eye and uniquely done to preserve that moment's value.

As clearly stated by the title, we're presented with a sunrise in the Yosemite Valley. We have our source of light coming in from the center-right of the scene. It's obscured by plantlife, but it shines through and is reflected by the mountainsides and river. The scene captures a feeling of an absolute, motionless moment. Even the source of light feels as if it's rising too slow to notice. All the curved lines suggest the viewer to pay attention to the rising sun.
We're presented a still scene from a high vantage point overlooking a seashore. Towards the center of the scene, we notice an imposing and dark rocky reef. The reef points upwards towards a light source. The horizon clearly divides the sky and sea while the rocky landmass divides the ground from the sea. Isolated towards the center, the dark reef feels threatening with its jagged lines, but at the same time it points towards the sky as if reaching out to it.
A scene in Slovenia of a lake and its surrounding forest under the imposing presence of Mangart. The calm lake is populated by fowl. The use of color is most prevalent in this piece. The colors lose saturation as you move further towards the background in order to simulate distance.
A mythical location spoken of in the Bible, the Garden of Eden shown here depicts an overgrown forest and pond with a large waterfall in the background that flows from a mountain. The scene is dark and uses light to highlight certain points of the scene to accentuate their details. The background loses contrast to show distance and uses perspective to reinforce that.
A very rough scene is presented in this piece. The clouds look dark and twisted. There's a clear horizon dividing the land and sky. Towards the foreground, there's a bit of foliage. The color choice for the overall scene makes it look gloomy in the foreground, but towards the background everything clears up. The clouds look like they're about to start a storm.
A riverside scene walled off by fully grown trees. The river flows towards the background where the trees clear out into an opening that shows a mountainside in the distance. The linework and strokes used by the artist are very clean and seem to aim to capture the scene in an almost picturesque quality. Lights and shadows blend to give realistic volume to the trees.
A hillside scene with a village in the background. Further towards the background we have a mountain range. The hills wall off a river flowing towards the village. The scene is very picturesque with its use of textures, lights, and colors. There use of lines is minimal and reserved for the mountains, since the rest is worked in with shadows.
We're presented with a dark scene that captures some mounds with trees growing from them. The scene seems to go on for some distance until disappearing into a mountain. The color choice here is earth-toned with plenty of dark greens. It gives off an almost tragic atmosphere with a hint of unease. The linework is rough and adds to the atmosphere's feeling.
In this painting style scene, we're shown a lakeside below a small hill. The scene is surrounded by greenery and the water reflects this color to give off a very natural feel. Towards the backgrounds we have more hills and a pale sky. The use of color and texture both add up to a very calm and serene scene.
Finally, we're presented with a the opposite scene with which we started. This time, we see a sunset in Yosemite Valley. The scene depicts a winter time sunset with a curving river and a forest. This scene is walled in by two imposing mountainsides all leading the viewer's eyes towards a golden sunset with the use of lines and colors.
Credits: All media
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