Feeling the music - Matthew rizzo

This gallery will represent the texture and spatial perspective in musically inspired art using a variety of different mediums including sculptures, abstract paintings, and graffiti.  I will describe both the literal and figurative feelings of the art to grasp the artist’s texture and musical love as an inspiration behind each piece.

“Portrait of an Extraordinary Musical Dog” depicts a dog playing a piano on a nice countryside afternoon. This comical interpretation has many literal aspects of texture. For example the fur of the dog and the wood grain finish on the piano. Along with the figurative texture or feeling of a calm afternoon alone with your piano. While the open window could represent freedom and the open book of sheet music could represent learning and knowledge in general, I believe this piece has a much more simplistic meaning.
“Music by Moonlight” Depicts a gathering of people by the river enjoying the playing of one musician’s instrument. This is only the beginning of this versatile piece of art, but also shows the passion and community surrounding music in general. Next to them stands a beaten up tree that still stands tall and takes up the left portion of the canvas. Across the river sits a house upon a cliff. All of this under the moonlight giving it a smooth and soft texture much like listening to a slow song.
“The Dayak Plays the Musical Instrument” shows a dark and dingy silhouette of a man with his back turned, leaned against a pole, playing a guitar like instrument. The use of a splotched black and grey color scheme gives this piece a type of rotting texture. With a dark undertone perceived as a lonely man in an empty world, With nothing but his music.
“Guitar on a Table” is a painting with a cubism style that depicts, with a collection of pieces, the illusion of a guitar sitting on a table. Simplistic pieces of paper fall together to make for a dull, sketch like interpretation of a guitar. Below a wood styled textured table sets the tone for an abstract carpet like background.
“Live Art” is a type of abstract graffiti portrait of a man and a woman sitting inside a car. While the passenger holds a cassette tape, it unravels starting to envelope the people and covers the car in an array of color and sporadic lines. With a smooth and inviting overall texture this piece of street art represents the contagious nature of music and the many feeling that can overwhelm anyone with emotions.
“Divine Mute” is a depiction of a speaker coming out of a cement wall in front of a line up of trumpets in the background. While a speaker is the focus of this piece, it is obvious it can make no sound. This fact being mocked by the trumpets in the background that does not need any external help besides a musician to make noise.
“The dancing child-saint Sambander” depicts, in a sculpture form, the Chola king Sambander dancing in careless joy as a child. Made of bronze and from the 12th century, this piece shows how music has influenced art for ages and brings out glee, causing people to throw responsibility to the wind, if only for a moment.
“Rhythmic Composition in Yellow Green Minor” shows in an abstract style, and smooth flowing texture, a musical scale in colors. With the vast use of yellow and green shades swirling back and forth as if playing a scale on an instrument. Other shades of red, orange, and purple are also visible showing the lack of boundaries and deception in titles, As in any piece of music.
“Ergonomic Viola” is a creative twist on the style of the classical Viola. Created with a much larger sound chamber it brings new meaning to the phrase “this art speaks to me”. The askew, woman like shaping for the body was meant to make the playing position more comfortable and the instrument lighter. In a figurative sense you could say they were lightening up the weight of musical genius and giving leasher to an uncomfortable title.
“Conversation” depicts an abstract arrangement of lines and colors. These aspects give the art depth, along with a kind of rhythm and feeling to its perceived texture. As if an arrangement of instruments, chaotic and noisy at first, start to slowly intertwine creating a work of colorful and enjoying music. While at the same time always being independent of one another.
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