Art elements

Line I chose line because the weeds/grass in the picture are "lines". These lines are thin and long, as the definition says lines could be.
Value I chose value because value describes the darkness or lightness of an object. The big, dark and jagged tall building has a very dark value.
Shape: Organic Shape I think this is "organic shape" because as described in the definition, objects in nature are free form and aren't geometrical and perfect with hard edges.
Color: Value This picture has a lot of hue- the red, light blue and, white are all light hues rather than the dark purple and black, those colors are dark hues.
Space The pot and flowers are in the middle, which means there is a lot of space left. The flowers and pot take up a positive space, while the empty space around it is negative.
Texture It looks like it would be bumpy and smooth if felt.
Color: Intensity This had a dull hue which makes this picture a low-intensity.
Credits: All media
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