Religion: lust and love

This art gallery is about the transition of how marriage and love changed from back in the 1800's until now. In the present, marriage is irrelevant to a lot of people because today, love and marriage consist mostly of lust. In this gallery, you will see the prime explanation of why the percentage of marriage in the African American culture has decreased drastically over the years. 

What I depicted from this picture are women lusting of this man. As you can see you the picture the man is just laying there while all these women probe all over his body. This picture reflects that this man doesn't mind having multiple women at one time.
What is depicted form this picture is a man and a woman gazing over each other in a more loving way. Just looking at the picture all you see is how gracefully the two in the picture are looking at each other. This picture doesn't seem like lust to me. To me this picture represents love. The woman in the picture doesn't have a lot clothes on but just looking at her I see a woman that is in love. The difference between sex today and sex back then has changed due to the lack of commitment. Sex today is more of a lust thing than sex back in the day. Sex back in the day was treasured. Which back in the day people looked at sex as a thing that you have with your spouse. I think marriage today is irrelevant to a lot of people because now days being in a relationship is just like marriage. People today use sex as a way to gain love and attention. Each and everyday there are woman out there that become mother's before they become wives. A lot of children today are growing up in a house hold with only just one parent. Some of the reasons why children grow up without that whole family unit is because there are a lot of men out there that rather have multiple women than just be settling down with just one woman.
What I depicted from his picture is a family that has it all. They are showing their family bond. This picture to me shows that a child needs both a mother and father in their life because being a mother you can only teach your son so much on how to be a man. It's just like a father can only show his daughter so much on how she should know her worth.
From just looking at this picture this woman looks like she has no shame in letting her body be exposed. What is depicted from this picture is a woman that has no problem of opening her legs to the world. By me just looking at this lady, I look at her as if she was using her body for attention. A lot of women today don't treasure their virginity. Many women today do not care who they have sex with because to them sex is a pleasure not a treasure. The way that women just flaunt their body make men not wanting to commit because they look at a lot of woman now as pleasure and fun. Men today rather have sex with multiple women because they can get sex a lot easier that way.
What I depicted from the picture is a young girl that's praying to God. By the way the young girl is sitting on her knees and with her hands in her lap, you can tell that she is religious and she isn't ashamed to show her religion. She isn't afraid to show that it's okay to pray and have that relationship with God.
What I depicted from this picture is a young girl that got caught up. I look at this picture and I seen that it say she is at Henry Ford Hospital. As I look closer to the picture I see a baby in the womb and a purple flower. To me this indicated that this young girl had sex with a guy and now she is tied down with all these burdens. She is tied down with a baby that now she has to take care of by herself, because she had sex with a guy that turned her into a mother first instead of a wife.
What I depicted from this picture is a mother that's trying to be loving and nurturing to her child. By the way the child is engulfing the milk from her mothers breast, shows that the mother is doing her job as a mother.
This picture also depicts that this mother is trying to be nurturing to her child. She is giving her child all the vitamins and nutrition from her breast to make sure that he daughter eat and is well taking care of. This picture looks like a single mother just trying to do the right thing for baby.
What I depicted from this picture is a lot of African Americans that's getting baptized so that they can convert their life over to God. I look at this picture and I see people that are happy to have a religious faith. Back in the 1800's converting your life over to God and then getting married was a obtained by God. Back in the 1800's marriage was considered a relationship with you, God and your sufficient other. Marriage today has decreased a lot.
What I depicted from his picture is a girl that is going to get food for maybe herself or family. what I got from this picture is a girl that is doing what she needs to do to survive. As you look closer you can see the basket that she is carrying over her head probably contains food of some sort.
What I depicted from this picture is a man treating his woman like the queen she is. The way that his man is carrying for his lady shows that he know how to treat women. In our present day not a lot of guy would understand this picture. This picture tell a lot about what type of man this guy is in this picture. There are so many men today that feel like pampering a woman is way too much. Making a woman feel like the queen she is a struggle for men today because a lot of them weren't brought up the right way. The percentage of marriage in the African American culture has dropped 26.1% over the last 15 decades.
What I depicted from this picture is there is a big difference in the way things were done back in the day, which is completely different from what we do today. the way that people lived now is different from how people used to live back in the day. As you look closer you can see the way how buildings and the roads has changed a lot over the years. It's just like marriage today isn't like how marriage used to be many years ago. People today do things in a relationship that should be done in a marriage.
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