A world of possibilities by elijah rosario

I chose to base my art on the subject of music. The reason for this choice is, because without music we wouldn't know how to communicate, and music is an art within itself. There's no better feeling than when you hear your favorite song and you know all the words, or flashing back into a moment that you shared with family and loved ones. Music is that form of artwork that has no limitations, and yet alone it makes us feel like we have no limitations. 

This piece of artwork fits into the music theme, because of the musical angel. The pleasant expression on the angels face along with the colors used to bring out a calm presence to this painting.
A guitar is a beautiful instruments t play, and the floral pattern brings out the beauty in the guitar visually. Along with the charcoal grey with a creme color pattern as well. Instrumental art.
Another form of musical artwork is this sketch drawing. Notice the darkening of pencil used when detailing the items in the room, but not too much pressure was applied.
This painting fits into my theme because the woman is playing an instrument. The picture catches her in the moment in a way to give it a natural feel, and the colors used brings a calmness to the art.
This quilt fits my theme, because in the center you'll notice a man on his knees playing the guitar, and the color patterns are very vibrant, but a mixture of light and dark colors.
The dog playing the piano is a slightly humorous moment as you can see the look of surprise on the dogs face, as if someone walked in on his secret talent.
This painting fits my theme, because you have a couple of musicians playing their instruments. In this painting the colors are lively and fun, also this painting doesn't look so visually detailed.
This abstract painting fits into my theme, because the title is a world full of possibilities, and the colors not having a certain pattern brings out the creative side of music.
In this picture you can see the musical instrument and the music book as if someone left the table for a moment. The window opened brings light on a few objects, but other objects in the dark.
The beauty of music is making a woman fall in love with your craft, and in this natural scene you can see the woman being serenaded by the mans music while everyone else enjoys it as well.
Credits: All media
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