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Heironymus Bosch was an imaginative artist. He was a source of inspiration for other surreal artists like Salvador Dali. Bosch was a painter from the netherlands, known for his extremely surreal and odd paintings. Heironymus Bosch was born in 1450 and died if 1516.

Starting of the list with the seemingly normal works and ending with the weird ones this list will contain the works of Heironymus bosch. this picture is of an owl landing in it's nest.
Bosch also often did some religious paintings. in this painting we see christ being mocked by villagers. this has a nice mixture of warm and cool colors.
Another painting with religious values, this landscape also has a nice mix of warm and cool colors.
here in this painting things seem to be getting weirder with the strange bird nest made of a vase in the background
things are definitely strange where you can see an older distorted figure balancing a cup on his head.
in this picture we see a weird almost futuristic looking plant.
here in this dark painting we see ghouls and ghosties terrifying a man in his bed. maybe this is what Bosch thought happened to bad people.
This picture shows men cutting into a giant fish to have more little fish come out
Everything about this picture seems wrong. not physically but morally. This picture shows grotesque images of sexual adventure and flat out weirdness
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