MUsic and the balance of colors IN Harpsichords and keyboards Jonathan Betancourt 

This gallery of paintings will represent artworks, which colors are combine to create different ambiances when paying harpsichords and keyboards. You will see unique artworks from artist such as Onofrio Guarracino to Alessandro Trasuntino and more. 

The artwork called The Detail from Harpsichord by Onofrio Guarracino represents an antique piano with some amazing details. The piano is brown with a balance of a dark orange, which is one of the common color harmonies combinations in the formal elements of art. You can tell on each side of the piano has a figure of a lady which in my opinion can represent peace and relaxation.
In this image you can see the top of the Harpsichord piano. The background has some paintings of different types of animals such as Birds and Rabbits in vertical line, which were painted with a gold vintage color. It also has some other designs like flowers and leaves. This gold color makes the piano look vintage and unique.
This images show us the amazing Harpsichord piano from a far distance making it able to see the entire instrument. It has a balance of colors that brings out this unique and antique look to this beautiful piece of art. The shape of the Harpsichord piano looks to be very different from other vintage pianos I have seen during the years. The dark orange give it that deep tone look to it, which makes me think that many artist where able to play this Harpsichord instrument.
Here you can see a very detailed Harpsichord piano designed by Alessandro Trasuntino. This piano has beautiful background of a lady with a little boy. It seems they are hiding in the bushes from someone. If you look closely on the right side you can see some people with dogs around them. Also, you can notice a balance of colors within the piano and the painting in general.
This Incredible art is called Clavicytherium, which is an unusual stringed keyboard instrument. You can see it has a very detailed and unique design where in one side has a painting of a guy with a snake holding a mirror, which is the main focus on this piece of art. The piano doesn’t look like it would be able to play but just the structure of this piece makes it look very historic.
This artwork called “The Piano” by Thomas Wilmer. You can see a lady playing piano with a dark blue dress. Here you can appreciate the painting because of the colors that were used. In my opinion they were soft and balanced having her and the piano set standing out from the entire painting. It looks like if it would be inside a dream and the grass in the background in the far left of the painting seems to blur our just making a full concentration of the artist.
This painting is called “Jan Ladislav Dussek” created by Henri-Pierre. The painting represents a guy playing the piano while looking outside the window. The balance of colors on the painting is very noticeable. It seems that the artist wanted to make it realistic as possible.
This painting is called Manuela González Velázquez, playing the piano by Gonzalez V. Zacarias. The painting represents a girl playing the piano with a serious and frightening look. You can notice she is the main focus on this piece with here eyes looking towards the viewer.
This painting is by Nadel, Arno. The painting clearly represents a man playing an instrument and with the position of his hands you can guess it’s a keyboard. You can notice the happiness that is represented in the painting. The mixtures of colors were very unique mixing bright with dark colors to create something different.
Credits: All media
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