Art Principles

Emphasis- I chose this for emphasis because the first time I looked at it my eyes were drawn to the black spots in it, I saw the white too but my eyes just saw that one main color first.
Balance- I chose this piece of artwork for balance because the jar has two handles and everything about the jar is evenly placed and evenly distributed throughout the piece of work.
Repetition- I chose this because in the art work everything (as in lines) is being repeated over and over again and is being used again somehow so that it can be repeditive.
Contrast- I chose this for contrast because everything in the picture is in all black and white then theres just that one single page in the book that has all the color and can of soup.
Unity- I chose this for unity because to me it seems like someone could've taken a picture just like this, but even after a picture everyone in it could've remained the same.
Proportion- I chose this for proportion because its a group of people all different shapes and sizes and they all look different in some way, shape, and form.
Variety- I chose this for variety because this piece of work had so many different colors, so it had a variety of colors, and shapes.
Movement- I chose this for movement because to me this piece of art looks like the lady is turning away and running so she is moving away.
Credits: All media
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