Purple: Royalty and spirituality

Generally most colours have a psychology behind them. This gallery is going to be showing how purple can be found with royalty and spiritual prints and paintings. On a side note, I have found that purple cloaks are a big part in showing spirituality and royalty. Most paintings have a purple cloak or drape.

I chose this piece because Rosamund was the mistress to King Henry II. Being that she was the mistress to a royal there were purple flowers and an extravagant piece of purple fabric painted.
This one was picked specifically because he's a king and his lavish uniform has a lilac or grayish, bluish color. Also, the royal mantle is purple and gold showing that he is wealthy.
Another king dressed in a vibrant purple uniform. Showing wealth and class.
Even though the tints of purple are small, only the wealthy could afford chandeliers. Thus showing that purple coincides with royalty.
Not only does this huge purple dress show that she is royal, it's also her gold jewelry.
I chose this piece because she is a princess with a purple cloak draped around her arms.
Most underclass people could not afford a portrait of their selves. This painting shows a purple petticoat connecting purple to royalty.
This whole piece is completely based on religion. The main colors are purple, pink, orange, and blue.
I am connecting purple with spirituality again.
Mary receives a gift from a priest called purple and cochineal. A direct connection with spiritual to purple.
Jesus is being cloaked with a purple cloak. Jesus is a direct correlation to spirituality, so this is to connect purple and spirit.
Another purple cloak over what was considered a goddess. This also shows wealth.
Looking through the description, it is said that the purple threads on her veil shows that she is a virtuous woman.
The Duke, a royal figure is shown wearing a purple cloak but also sitting in clouds to show a god-like figure. The purple cloth can show that he is higher up in society.
I chose this because it shows Gods and goddesses draped in purple cloaks giving the goddess Venus gifts.
Credits: All media
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