Patterns From The Past

This is a Collection Of Art that shows the patterns of classic art from the past to modern times.

This is a bowl carved out of jade with a decretive floral pattern. The colors t for the flowers is red for the flower lilies and green for the leaves. This bowl dates from 1700 AD-1800 AD the origin of this piece of art is India.
This is a gourd shaped jar created by the Japanese artist 富本憲吉. The jar is made of ceramic materials and features patterns on both the lid and the base of the jar. The lid has a white circle with red yellow and blue dots paint in side it and Japanese writing in the middle. The base has a floral pattern with reds flowers and blue lines the divide the flower into a checkerboard style pattern.
This is a stirrup spouted vessel that has red geometric patterns on it similar to Tetris pieces. This piece of pottery has a overlapping design with patterns with sharp edges.
This is a glass plate with a willow style pattern. This plate was made between 19111-1915 and manufactured by T. G. Hawkes & Co. The glass is colorless and is blown and polished with and cut to create a pattern of stars between a weave pattern.
This piece of clothing is the Bafut kingdom, Roal family's costume made around the 20th century. This piece of clothing is made up of layers of patterns in colors like red, yellow, green and black. This piece of clothing has big and small triangle patterns on it with large black and red sections in the middle.
This is a Lace border the weaver is unknown but its was created around the late 16th century. The lace border is created using white linen thread. The pattern on this piece is a repeated pattern of birds, flowers, and mermaids.
This piece was created by Jiří Kolář between 1980-1990. This is a collage of strips of images repeated in different directions to create abstract and unique piece. The colors of the piece are black, brown red green, blue ans white.
This is a painting by Yi, Hee Choung created in 1987. This is a painting Choung created tells a story of different animals, building and different aspects of his life.
This painting was created in 1988 by Jordi Alumà I Masvidal. The origin of the painting is from Spain. The painting features a pattern on shapes such as circles spuares, and triangles that make up the figure of a Greek woman.
This is a digital print created by Lee, Joong Keun between 2008-2009. The figures in the picture are of a men running or chasing each other with money in their hands in a circle.
Credits: All media
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