Artwork can portray the ideals and perceptions of a society. As you begin looking at this collection, you can pay attention to the wildlife to notice how the painter thinks of Mother Nature. Initially, nature is completely full of pain and fear, beauty is terrifying, and nature is somewhat revered for it's strength. Eventually, you will see when ideas of humanity and nature begin to mesh together. Animals and people alike can be dangerous and mourn a death. As people grow bolder, they begin to own pets and appear to be friends with humanity. In the end, human beings find their place at the top of the food chain. Though people may have pets, they still do not respect or love animals the way they would another person.

Nature can be perilous and full of uncertainty and chaos.
Even the most beautiful and graceful creature of all can be fierce and aggressive. This territorial swan does not appreciate visitors.
This piece has bold colors and amplify the power and strength of a lion. The lion is often a symbol of strength in many cultures.
Less distinct line between humanity and Mother Nature.
An era when civilized people appreciate the outdoors and are friends with the wildlife (even a monkey). There is harmony and civilization found in domestic animals.
Even pets are regarded as inanimate objects or possessions that can be traded or eaten.
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