Renaissance Perspective 

Becca Wells

architect- designs buildings sculptor- artist who makes sculptures fantasy- imagining usually impossible things royal chapel in granada- museum in southern spain cathedral- principle church w/ bishop
extraordinary- very unusual urban- relating to a city or town commemoration- remembrance central perspective- one- point perspective virtuous- high moral standards
depictions- act of depicting something emphasized- special importance interior design- designing the interior decoration of a room or building formulated- to create concurrent- existing or happening
travelling preacher- preacher that travels pulpit- raised platform that a preacher delivers a sermon from facade- face of the building crucifix- representation of a cross associates- connecting
analysis- detailed examination of a structure of something formation- process of being formed mold- hollow container used to give shape farce- comic dramatic work observation- act of observing
statue- carved or cast figure influenced- to have an influence on portrayed- depict in a work of art implies- strongly suggest the truth yearning- feeling for intense longing of someone
Credits: All media
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