your eyes tell the story

In the following gallery you will see the different forms of visual art that express what I find to be interesting and show how each artist catches the eye/imagination of the viewer.

I chose this painting by Seurat because it gives the viewer a look as to what happening that Sunday. My perspective of this piece is that it shows someone people watching and shows their view.
This painting displays the base triangle in which we discussed in class and the smaller ones help with placement of the horse in it.
I honestly don't know why I chose this one other than it looked pretty cool. it also shows an order of events and changes in colors to catch the eye, to lead to the final event.
This painting takes the image of a running man, and makes it into an optical illusion in a way. It doesn't help with a solid color but with the fading of color shows that it appears to be done as an illusion.
Yeah... I just chose this because it looked cool, not really sure how it ties into the visual arts other than its cool design.
The use of the spring and tools to make this sculpture allows the viewer to imagine seeing a bird standing on the ground or a tree.
Who doesn't love seeing paintings of the nation's first president? This shows the perfect shadowing and shape of the president allowing us to see what the whole painting contains.
Credits: All media
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