History of "the other"

This is a drawing from a German child during WWII depicting the situation in the war. The fact that kids are making these kinds of drawings shows just how indifferent they are towards those that the ship is firing at.
Another children's drawing for an essay that they had to do. During WWII the German people were brainwashed into supporting the Nazi regime. Because of this brainwashing essays like these could be seen in many classrooms. It is the equivalent of a American child today writing an essay about how he took a drone and went to kill terrorists in the Middle East.
This depiction of the battle between Lucifer and St. Michael is a very good representation of how the other is portrayed. In the bible it states that Lucifer was a beautiful angel and yet here we see him as a disfigured monster. This is done so that people can more easily relate him with cruelty and evil.
This is yet another portrayal of Lucifer in a very bad light. St. Michael is above him and is somewhat glowing in this painting, while Lucifer is on the ground trying to flee, once again looking like a monster instead of a beautiful angel.
This piece of WWII propaganda attempts to dehumanize the leaders and the people in the Axis Powers. By saying that their language doesn't contain the words of freedom they are separating them from freedom, which is normally seen as a good thing. They then encourage the reader to "Speak 'American'". This further separates the two groups. One good and one bad.
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