Element of texture

The plants look like candy (taffy)on a wall. The painting is 2D. There is a shine and bulkiness to it.
The painting has a bumpy surface. There are painted rocks all which have different textures.
The jar has an all around smooth surface.
The coldstone gives this art piece a rough, but very detailed form to the human body. The different colors of the rock show depthnees in different focal points.
Rigid and fine indents to exaggerate the detail of her hair
There is a glossy feel, yet, there is a sense of hardness and durability. It looks sturdy and definite.
The painting gives texture to the ripples on the water. It looks like one could actually dip feet in this water.
the flowers in a sense show the imperfection of the face. The black background brings out the textures of the flowers.
Solid rock with detailed carvings making significant figures stand out.
This painting shows the texture of the clothes worn by the women and the smoothness of their skin and voluptuous bodies. The curtains and sheets are silk-like.
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