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This ceramic vase is simply decorated with a raised dot pattern and wing design. Found in Alexandria, Egypt, the duck is now located in the Walters Art Museum.
This is a depiction of a hunting scene where the hunter is tackling the creature as a last ditch effort to catch the beast. It is a stone carving.
This is a vessel with griffons for the body and the handles are supposed to symbolize the horns of goats. It comes from the Achaemenid Persian Empire which stretched over a large amount of land.
The stelae resembled wealth and prosperity in ancient Egypt. The writing on the stelae are prayers and praises to the gods. It is from around 2613-2160 B.C.
The scarab was the symbol of the resurrection and rebirth of the sun. Assumed to come from the Classical period of Ancient Greece when the Persians had control of all that land and surrounding land.
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