One race, many pieces

My gallery is nothing like you've never seen before it has all feelings combined into one art gallery. The painting of these artists are beyond any ideas of the normal mind. Happiness, horror , fiction and nature are all a big part of this collage. This art work that i have found are all different although some might have some kind of resemblance if they look as they have the same story behind it,but note that is not the case. Most of many have different backgrounds and historical value in them. Have fun !

It looks like god is on the top of the mountain looking over anyone that is harm and the modern people.The falcon swooping in to rescue god in case he cant handle everything he is working for. He might fall but the bird will be there to bring him back up.
A very calm piece of art work seems as if there modern every day life was like this. People like fishing on the lake searching for food and having a nice boat ride in the calm mellow river.
This art work is very modern and looks as if it were in the 1800s is which when the artist made this. The indian is looking very peaceful and meditated looking down from the peak of the mountain.
This piece of art work shows on how you can stay balanced even in the worst times. On the other side there will always be some one waiting for you on the other side.i like this because the sunset is about to apear.
The big trees of california represent how many of the trees were before we made an improvement in the life of today. as you can see theres is cave in the bottom on the tree which they used as a place to take shelter
The painting is drawn by a paintbrush and you can see the strokes in the piece. The fore ground is very zoomed out as you can see the birds are very small and hovering closely to the water.
The settings looks as if in a farm far away from the public and people would live by the food they plant .The little cabin for 6 people is pretty small living conditions .
Fruits were very important back then because of grapes and grapes made wine which everyone drank all the time sort of like juice today that is what was wine.
This painting could of a been a way of the getting the people go out and buy some fruit sort of like a advertisement. To sell some items perhaps if you were a merchant of some sort.
in this painting is mellow and at a lake the dad is teaching the son on how to catch some fish and learn to become a man one day. Back then the children were meant to protect the house
This painting looks as if they used water colors to make the painting have a sort of calm chill mood of what happen in the every day life in the 1800s.The guy sitting down is looking sort of mellow.
The headless horsemen is one of my favorite scary stories in this piece the art work is of course fiction and extremely awesome to view. The headless horseman is scary the living out of the man afraid
What i like about this art work is the faint and soft color that it has on the whole painting. on how peaceful and harbor and water are everyone looks mellow and calm.
This Indian Tshi-Zun-Hau-Kau looks as a fighter .The paint on his face shows a sign of a warrior along with his tomahawk. He wears a medal piece which may show honor or some kind of importance.
Shows on how the indians make sort of a ritual for the honor of god or the hope of the stop of something. They looked as they captured enemies and put them through suffrage by taking there lives
This art piece has a unique kind of funk sua it shows how not only the common games should or can be played indians had there own style games. Not every thing was about slaying the enemy.
Credits: All media
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